People segmentation

Segmentation update

We are currently redeveloping our segmentation resources, ready for launch in 2016.

In the meantime, the people segmentation resources below will continue to provide unrivalled insights into the sporting and lifestyle habits of Welsh adults.


About people segmentation

What is segmentation?

Segmentation is a generic term for dividing a large group of people into distinct groups, or segments.

Why use segmentation?

To have an impact on the behaviours of the adult population of Wales is problematic:

  • our contact with adults is disparate;
  • we don't have the resources to work with all adults;
  • our culture in society doesn't readily facilitate increased participation.

Segmentation provides a tool by which we can better understand the adult population and target resources more effectively.


People segment map example

We have been working with Experian to produce a segmentation solution. Experian are the largest originators and owners of consumer data in the UK. Utilising this data, Experian have developed Mosaic UK, which classifies all consumers in the UK. 400 data variables have been used to build Mosaic UK. 54% is sourced from the 2001 Census. 46% is derived from Experian's Consumer Segmentation Database, which provides coverage of all of the UK's 46m adult residents and 23m households.

It includes the edited Electoral Roll, Experian Lifestyle Survey information, Consumer Credit Activity, the Post Office Address File, House Price and Council Tax information, hospital episodes, and ONS local area statistics. All of this information is updated annually and used to replenish the classification each year. We have an extensive database detailing insight into participation in sport and physical activity: the Active Adults Survey.

We were keen to utilise this data with Experian's Mosaic UK's segmentation and create bespoke (non)participation-informed segments for Wales. In March 2008, we contracted Experian to 'code up' the adult participation survey data with Mosaic UK and create, through a series of cluster analyses, a twelve segment solution for Wales.

The people segments have now been updated to reflect the latest Mosaic UK and Active Adults Survey data.

Benefits of using market segmentation

Segmentation can drive tactical and strategic decisions:

  • Contribute to policy decisions
  • Action planning
  • Catchment area analysis
  • Membership profiling
  • Project evaluation
  • Apply insight to geography
  • Drive the marketing strategy
  • Who to target?
  • What to offer?
  • Media channel to use?
  • Tone and message to use


The twelve segments

Segment profiles

People segment pen portrait

Below are the 12 people segment profiles. The people segmentation solution splits the adult population of Wales into 12 distinct market segments. Click on the name of each segment to learn more.



Maps for each people segment can be found in the Maps section of the website.