Sport & Active Lifestyles

Our Sport & Active Lifestyles data has found a significant positive association between taking part in sport and good mental health.

Adults who are active three times or more a week were one and a half times more likely to report 'feeling good about themselves' 'often' or 'all of the time'.

These findings are based on responses from 10,000 adults, the first time sport, public health and other national data has been collected side-by-side as part of the National Survey for Wales.

Other headline findings include: 

  • 29% of adults said they took part in sport and physical recreation three or more times a week, with 47% taking part at least once a week.
  • Those taking part in frequent sport and physical recreation are more likely to have healthier lifestyles, such as being a healthy weight, eating their '5 a day' and not smoking.
  • Those with lower activity levels (less than once a week) are more likely to live in material deprivation, be unemployed, and not have a car, internet access or formal qualifications. 
  • Key barriers to participation included: being less busy at work (32% of adults in Wales); being younger (29%); being fitter (27%); having fewer family commitments (23%); if it cost less (18%); having more local facilities or clubs (16%).

Further findings can be found in our State of the Nation report or by viewing the data tables.