Using the results

This year schools and Local Authorities gaining School Sport Survey reports, have had results presented under the Elements of Engagement headings.   Elements of Engagement is a model which presents the fundamentals for encouraging a person to take part in an activity.

The five key areas within the model underpin the likelihood of a young person engaging in sporting opportunities.  

Within reports, the evidence provided under each of these areas can inform actions that a school or Local Authority can take to strengthen the suitability of its offer for young people within the area.  This includes how much pupils currently enjoy taking part in sport and the types of activities they have shown an interest in doing more of.

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The 5 elements of engagement

 motivation eofe

Motivation -  'I want to take part.'  

Motivation relates to a pupil's inner desire or drive to participate in sporting activities.   

Results show  the levels of  desire from pupils to participate in  more sport. They also show in what areas that latent demand exists,  allowing providers  to act on that motivation to create opportunities that meet the demand.  


confidence eofe

Confidence -  'I can take part.'  

Young people's belief in their own ability, and their confidence to engage in new sporting opportunities is also likely to affect whether they become active.    

Analysis from the 2015 School Sport Survey revealed that those pupils that are very confident in trying new activities without worrying are twice as likely to participate in sport three or more times per week.  

Using the results to reflect on  confidence levels  among specific groups  will help to target resources, time and effort  for introducing new sporting offers at the right time.  


Awarenss e of e

Awareness -  'I know where to take part.'  

Knowing when, where and how to take advantage of relevant opportunities is essential if we want more young people to be active and have a lifelong enjoyment of sport in Wales.   

Schools  and providers  can take several steps to increase pupils' awareness of local and school run opportunities. The infographic below illustrates a few of these possible measures.  


opp and resource eofe

Opportunity & Resources - 'It is easy for me to take part.'  

For more young people to be able to participate in sport more frequently, it is important that opportunities are available and easy to access. The results provide an audit of what is available in terms of curricular and extracurricular provision within schools and specific areas  

Providing a range of activities can help  providers engage with all pupils and give them the opportunities to develop a range of different skills and competencies. Comparing the  activities, already provided alongside the latent demand figures reported in the 'motivation' section may help to identify potential areas for greater engagement in sport.  



The Experience -  'I love taking part.'  

In 2015, the School Sport Survey demonstrated that pupils were almost twice as likely to participate in sport  three or more  times a week if they enjoyed school sport 'a lot'.  Enjoyment and good experiences of sport in school can lead to participation outside of school and help build  the habit of a healthy and active lifestyle.    

Using the  results to understand if the current sport provision is enjoyable can help  providers implement changes that improve participation.  

Need some inspiration for taking things forward?  Take a look at some top tips from schools and local authorities who used the results in previous years  

For more information about the School Sport Survey please contact the Sport Wales School Sport Survey team