Using the results

Putting their voice to good use

We all put a lot of effort into collecting over 116,000 children's responses in the 2015 School Sport Survey.

So it's only right that the insight which the survey has given us should be put to good use and become of benefit to us all.

We know that almost half of all children are hooked on sport, which is great, but it needs to be better.  When they are hooked on sport they are more likely to be healthy, more confident and perform better in the classroom - that's a fact!

 Using the results E

Making the results work for your school

116,000 responses gave us a lot of data and we're working hard to put it to good use at a national level.  There's also a huge amount that can be done at a local level, within your own schools and led by your pupils.

 "Estyn encourages schools to use the school sport survey toolkit to improve wellbeing initiatives"

The toolkit below will help in putting your school results to good use.  Use it with your school report and some creative input from your pupils, to find tailored approaches for making things even better at your school.

All action planning resources have been developed in line with Estyn's Wellbeing outcomes and My Local School indicators, meaning that you can use the results to support other initiatives at your school. 

School Toolkit

Download all the resources you need to start putting your School Sport Survey results to good use below.  

  • Use the Briefing Note to guide you through each resource step-by-step
  • Download your Action Plan to get the ball rolling
  • Use the Poster to communicate your plans to the whole school

Need some inspiration? Take a look at some top tips from schools and local authorities who used the results in 2013

For more information about the School Sport Survey please contact the Sport Wales School Sport Survey team

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