School Sport Survey

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2018 sees the return of the Sport Wales School Sport Survey and FE Sport & Active Lifestyles Survey and we're excited about the opportunities that it could offer.

In 2013 & then again in 2015 we broke records, almost 120,000 pupils and students filled in the 2015 survey, making it the biggest study of young people's opinions in the UK at the time.

And apart from breaking records and showing that Wales really does want to listen to the voices of its children, we have also seen great things happening with the results from this survey. Things which in all reality, could be life changing for many.


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We all need to play a part

We don't want this to stop, which is why we need you to get behind the 2018 surveys. It's simply not possible without the backing of schools, colleges, Heads and Principals, Teachers and Tutors, Classroom Support Workers and of course all of those working to support the survey in the local authorities in Wales.

Don't stop, there are great things in motion

Up and down Wales, we are seeing great things happening as a result of past School Sport Survey data.

We've seen schools giving their pupils a voice, and not only this, but then taking notice of what is being said. There has been an explosion of sports councils created across the country, giving young people the opportunity to contribute to the planning of which sports are offered at schools and colleges. 

We've also seen results highlight why some youngsters haven't really been enjoying PE in the past. Small tweaks to the way things are done, such as kit changes and the introduction of new activities are seeing confidence grow and new regular participants.

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Take a look at how schools colleges and sports have been using past results:

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Why does it matter if children are sporty?

It matters hugely if young people are taking part in regular physical activity. Chances are that if they don't get into the habit of it now, they won't ever and that's a huge issue for their future health.

PE and extracurricular sport offers much more than meets the eye. If done properly it provides the skills and motivation that young people need to be physically active throughout life. That's why using the School Sport Survey results to create an environment in which all youngsters like to take part in sport is something very special.

And in addition to helping them becoming physically literate, and improving their chances of a healthier life, giving young people the opportunity to take part in more sport, more often also has some pretty great immediate benefits, such as improved confidence, team building skills and even academic attainment. 

Don't just take our word for it

Estyn even recognise the results of the survey as evidence of well-being. And PE and sport have been recognised as key contributors to health and wellbeing in the curriculum.

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Results for the 2018 School Sport Survey and FE Sport & Active Lifestyles Survey will be available in Autumn 2018.