School Sport Survey

During the spring and summer of 2018, with the support of local authorities and schools across Wales, over 120,000 children and young people took the opportunity to have a say on sport and their wellbeing.  Over 1000 schools took part in the School Sport Survey, helping to make this the biggest and most reflective survey of its kind in Wales, possibly even the World. 

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The results show that the increase seen from 2011 to 2015 in previous surveys has been sustained, with 48% of young people taking part in sport 3 or more times a week in addition to timetabled PE lessons.

2018 figures also suggest a close in the participation gap for some of the harder to reach groups.

  • 45% of children with a disability or impairment are now taking part in sport 3 or more times a week (in addition to timetabled PE lessons), up from 40% in 2015.  The figure shows an even greater increase when responses from Special Educational Needs schools are added in, taking the figure up to 47%.
  • The lowest participating ethnic minority group, Asian British has increased regular participants from 36% to 40% bringing them closer to the national average.
  • Meanwhile there looks to be a more stubborn gap between the most and least deprived, with 42% of children from the most deprived households taking part 3 or more times a week (in addition to timetabled PE lessons), down from 43%in 2015. 

For the first time, young people have been able to identify their gender as male, female or other, providing a wealth of new insight. 

In 2018, 46% of girls are taking part in sport 3 or more times a week in comparison to 50% of boys. In 2015, 44% of girls and 52% of boys stated that they regularly took part. Although direct comparisons cannot be made due to the new question dynamic, the figures suggest a potential close in the gender gap.

39% of those responding as 'other' have stated that they take part 3 or more times a week.

You can view the full data tables on our Statistics pages and the full press release here.

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We have produced a range of infographics to communicate the findings of the survey.

We have also developed a number of infographics based on: 

The School Sport Survey uses the pupil voice to provide an invaluable level of insight that can be used to positively influence every child's health and wellbeing.

Find out more about how to put the School Sport Survey results to use here.

BME Participation Data

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We've created a Powerpoint presentation with audio voice over explaing the key finds of the survey.



The FE Sport and Active Lifestyles Survey

In collaboration with Colleges Wales the Spring and Summer of 2018 also saw the completion of the FE Sport and Active Lifestyles Surveys in colleges across Wales.

Completed by 3,858 from 13 college's, the survey follows the inaugural FE Sport Survey in 2015.

  • The full data tables for the survey are available here
  • National Headlines from the survey can be viewed here
  • A breakdown of who from this demographic is taking part in sport can be viewed here