Partners Toolkit

We want more people to know about your work

This toolkit is designed for clubs, governing bodies, Local Authorities, schools and any other organisation who works in partnership with and receives funding from Sport Wales.

Your work is helping Sport Wales to build foundations for an active and sporting nation.

We need you to tell people who you are, what you do and how more people can get involved. We want you to get the recognition you deserve. That way, sport and physical activity will in turn receive a much-needed higher profile right across Wales.

This toolkit is a simple, step-by-step guide on how to promote your project. It includes how to organise an event, how to reach out to your local Assembly Member (AM) or MP and how to hit the headlines (for all the right reasons!).

There are even sample press releases and letters to give you a head what's stopping you? Remember that you can change and add details as appropriate.

Why bother?

• Raising awareness can put you in touch with new, potential participants - and attract new sponsors and funding.
• The higher your profile, the easier it is to find volunteers or facilities.
• Recognition can help retain participants (sharing your triumph with the rest of the world is a great boost for morale).
• People are interested in what you're doing - especially AMs, MPs and councillors who can champion your cause!

Read our handy toolkits to help raise your profile.

And if you're still stuck? Pick up the phone or email us. At Sport Wales, our Marketing and Communications team are always happy to help.

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