The Value of Sport in Wales

Investment in sport sees huge benefits for Wales, new research reveals.
For every £1 invested in sport in the country there is a return of £2.88, according to a national report commissioned by Sport Wales.
£3,428m of benefits for Welsh communities was generated from participating and volunteering in sport in 2016/17.

The Social Return on Investment (SROI) report recommends continued investment and strategies to encourage both participation and volunteering.

The analysis conducted by the Sport Industry Research Centre (SIRC) at Sheffield Hallam University is the first of its kind to measure the wider contribution sport makes to Wales.

A breakdown of the overall figure shows the social value of enhanced social capital is £651.47m; enhanced education is £91.15m; and reduced crime is £2.17m. The social value of improved health is £295.17m.

Subjective well-being accounts for a significant proportion of the social value generated in Wales (60.6%).

"The heartening news is that, as with previous SROI sport studies, the estimates presented in the Wales SROI study are
conservative. The value of sport to Wales is likely to be even greater" explains Sport Wales' Head of Insights and Policy Owen

"However, what we see is how the findings showcase the impact of sport in Wales.  How sport can, and does, support health outcomes, employability, social cohesion, the volunteer sector, crime prevention and beyond. It makes a strong case for continued
investment into sporting initiatives and pathways, as well as collaboration with partners to see even more results."

Ali Abdi, who runs BME Cricket session in Butetown and Grangetown, Cardiff added:"I regularly see engaged children and adults enjoying sport. They are healthier, they are learning life skills, they are keeping out of trouble. The benefit of sport to the wider community is clea