Squad Day aims to get more Welsh women active

A national awareness day is set to inspire and empower more women and girls in Wales to get active and bridge the stubborn gap in participation between male and females.

According to new data from Sport Wales (Sport & Active Lifestyles Survey 2017-18), 65% of men participated in some sporting activity in the last four weeks, compared to just 55% of females.

The theme of the first Our Squad Day (Tuesday August 14th) will challenge Welsh women and girls in Wales to try something new in a bid to get them participating more regularly.

The day will look to shine a light on the women's sporting activity already taking place across the country.  It is also aiming to help link clubs and providers with the females who want to give a new activity a go.

Three special podcasts will be released throughout the day, hosted by Journalist and Ultra-Runner Lowri Morgan.

os podcast

A Live Twitter Q&A will take place on @OurSquadCymru, in association with @ClubSolutions from 8-9pm, where clubs/providers and women can share ideas and tips on how to empower and engage more females into sport.

While a number of inspiring Welsh female athletes will be taking over the Our Squad Instagram account (OurSquadCymru), to promote their sports.  Those taking part will include weightlifter Hollie Knowles, Rower Vicky Thornley, Triathlete Non Stanford, Bobsleigh and Athlete Mica Moore and Netball player Nia Jones.


Women in Wales and sport: The stats...

In 2017-2018, 59% of adults reported that they had taken part in some sporting activity in the last four weeks (no change from 2016-17). Males (65%) were more likely to have participated than females (55%).



According to CMO guidelines, adults should do at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity per week. Overall, just over half (53%) of adults meet the CMO guidelines. This is higher for males (57%) than females (49%).



The number of people participating in a sporting activity three times a week or more is a national indicator for the Well-being of Future Generations Act 2015.  This has increased from 29% in 2016-17 to 32% in 2017-18. Although, the proportion meeting this guideline has increased for both males and females, the proportion of males meeting the guidelines (37%) continues to be higher than females (27%).



In 2017-2018, 32% of adults participated in a sporting activity three times a week or more. 8% participated approximately twice a week, 11% participated approximately once a week and 50% participated less than once a week.  Males were more likely to participate in sport three times a week (37%) and less likely to participate less than once a week (45%) than females (of whom 27% participated in sport three times a week and 55% participated less than once a week respectively). 



Across all age groups, males were more likely than females to participate in exercise three or more times per week, and less likely to participate in exercise less than once a week.


Popular activities

The table shows the opportunities that adults in Wales were most likely to be accessing. The most popular activity for both males and females in Wales was walking (over two miles). Swimming, running and jogging were also popular activities among both genders. 



Latent demand

55% of all adults would like to do more sport or physical activity (the proportion was 58% in 2016-17).  As in 2016-17 the types of activity in most demand include indoor or outdoor swimming (20%), cycling (including BMX, and mountain biking;12%) and gym or fitness classes (9%).