Llantwit Major lead the way for Welsh schools

Llantwit Major School has become the first in Wales to complete the national School Sport Survey 2013.

With 20,000 pupils in Wales already completing the survey just weeks into the summer term, the school is the first of around 1,700 primary and secondary schools to qualify for a full report on their pupils' participation in sport at school and in the local community.

Schools and local authorities that get enough pupils copmpleting the survey will receive a detailed picture of the sporting opinions of their young people. The overall aim is that the information will help them make informed decisions and improvements to their sporting structure and get more young people playing sport.

The data will also be used by Sport Wales and Welsh Government to inform decisions on policy and investment. Schools inspectorate Estyn recognises the survey as an effective tool for evidencing pupil well-at school.

Llantwit Major

Pictured are (left to right) Year 8  pupils James Harries, Rhys Richards, Stephan Bugler, Jack Richards.

The Sport Wales School Sport Survey is being completed during the summer term by schools across the country and was the biggest ever survey of children, young people and sport when it was last completed in 2011.

John Patterson, Head of PE at Llantwit Major School said:

"It is important for us to know what the pupils at the school think about PE, and what more we can do to help them enjoy lessons and contribute towards their health and well-being.

"We used the first week back after the school holidays to get the pupils back into lessons so it was an ideal time. The survey is online but it only took the pupils about 20 minutes each to complete.

"It's good to be recognised for being the first but it is an important piece of work for us in any case."

In 2011, headline findings included levels of club participation for primary school pupils being at their highest recorded level (85%) since 2000, while the gender gap between boys and girls taking part in sport was found to increase through secondary school years.

All pupils in school years three to 11 are being asked to complete the survey by the end of term.

Sport Wales Chair, Professor Laura McAllister said:

"It is my view that a school with sport at its heart is a good quality school. The staff and pupils at Llantwit Major have acknowledged the importance of the survey and the value of the information they will have access to.

"We are looking to other schools to follow Llantwit Major's lead and build on the enthusiasm we have for sport in Wales.

"This survey provides the sports sector with essential information about the state of sport in Wales through the eyes of children and young people. 

"The level of data collected through the School Sport Survey in 2013 will allow us to make considerable headway in understanding what is happening 'on the ground' and understanding attitudes towards sport and physical recreation.

"It will also inform decisions we make on planning, which is why it is so important for our partners - particularly in local authorities - as we look to build on the major events in London in 2012 and Glasgow 2014."

Schools across Wales have received personalised instructions to access their own survey. A representative number of pupils need to complete the survey in order for a school to qualify for their own personalised report.

To find out more visit www.schoolsportsurvey.org.uk