The Governance and Leadership Framework (GLFW) for Wales, the foundation of good governance in the sport sector in Wales which was launched in 2015, is moving to a new phase of its development to set it up for the future.

Since the GLFW was launched in 2015, the set of seven principles have helped sports leaders in Wales to positively examine their off-field activities to complement participation and performance on it. Following a review, the Framework is being refreshed to ensure that it remains relevant and fit for the challenges of the futures.

Since its introduction, the (GLFW) has delivered real and lasting improvements to the governance of Welsh sport - helping to drive effective behaviours and cultures within organisations in Wales. Put simply it has had huge success since coming into effect in 2015 and been a valued tool to create changes that drive well run, well led organisations within the Welsh Sporting sector.

Owen Burgess, senior officer for Sport Wales who has been heavily involved with the GLFW, explains: "There was a sense around five or six years ago that the governance of sport in Wales wasn't as strong as it could be. Since the introduction of the Framework, over 70% of governing bodies in Wales have changed their Articles of Association.  This demonstrates that organisations have used the GLFW to create permanent developments to create fresh thinking and more diverse leadership in their organisations.

"The GLFW is unique in that it was created 'by the sector, for the sector' through robust consultation. The processes created the GLFW as a tool to drive a significant cultural shift in governance and leadership within Welsh Sport. Organisations have been supported to implement the GLFW by the Sport & Recreation Alliance (SRA) who have provided comprehensive support since the framework came into effect in 2015."

There have been many changes in sports governance and policy since the inception of the GLFW in 2015 and in order to ensure that the GLFW remains fit for purpose, the framework has recently been reviewed to understand what has worked well, areas for development and recommendations for future action.

The review highlighted that there was unanimous support for a framework to drive good governance, but that the GLFW should be refreshed to ensure that it is fit for the future and includes areas that have risen on the agenda since 2015 such as ethics, integrity and duty of care; finance and risk management; developing resilient businesses; the importance of behaviours and the need to develop and share case studies and examples of good practice. The GLFW will be refreshed in the coming weeks to take into account the feedback collated through the review.

"The support that accompanies the GLFW is crucial and Sport Wales are committed to ensuring a robust support package to ensure that organisations have the necessary support to drive good governance,"  said Burgess. "The GLFW support programme has been provided by the Sport & Recreation Alliance for the past four years and they have done a fantastic job in supporting organisations to improve their governance."

Following a competitive procurement process, Sport Wales has appointed the Welsh Sports Association (WSA) to provide the GLFW support in 2019/20.

"The WSA submitted an innovative bid and have many existing relationships that will be beneficial in delivering the support to build upon the significant impact that the GLFW has had," said Burgess.

Upon the appointment the WSA's CEO Victoria Ward said; "We are delighted to have been successful in our bid to deliver Governance and Leadership support for sport in Wales. Good governance is a fundamental foundation for any successful organisation, so this work underpins our own strategic priorities in helping to develop a resilient sector which is fit for the future.  The SRA has created an excellent platform and we look forward to building on that in this new refreshed extended phase."

James Allen, the SRA's director of policy, communications and external affairs added; "We've been delighted to work with Sport Wales over the last four years. We're really proud of having contributed to significant improvements in the governance of Welsh sport and to have brought some of our UK and international experience to the programme. The focus on culture and behaviour is hugely positive and the emphasis placed on this throughout the GLFW programme should be celebrated. I'm really looking forward to continuing a strategic relationship with Sport Wales moving forward and wish our colleagues at the WSA and across Welsh sport the very best in developing the next stage of GLFW."

The WSA will commence their role from May 1st and will be working closely with Sport Wales to deliver maximum impact to drive effective governance and leadership changes to develop a strengthened resilient sports sector in Wales.