Future challenges for Welsh sport revealed

Sport Wales has published a blueprint for sport in Wales, following a four-month national conversation. The draft vision for sport will now go to open consultation for the next six weeks.

The national conversation highlighted a number of issues, including the role of schools, local facilities and better use of technology and outdoor spaces.

Ensuring people are not missing out through costs and other barriers is also vital according to feedback on the development of the new vision for sport in Wales.

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From October to January, Sport Wales invited people across the nation to have their say as part of itsMy Welsh Sport_The Conversation, with more than 600 contributions made so far. The views to date have been summarised in a report, alongside the draft vision and both are published on the My Welsh Sport website.

Now in a consultation period, the opportunity for organisations and individuals to contribute is open until the end of April.

The report highlights:

  • The importance of Education and especially schools, and a perceived downgrading of sport and PE in the formal school curriculum.
  • Support for a community hub model, where a range of sports are available for the local community.
  • An appetite for better use of technology to help people find out about sporting opportunities in their community.
  • The need to remove barriers stopping many people participating.

In response, a draft vision has been developed focussed on Wales being'a nation where everyone has a lifelong enjoyment of sport'.

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It puts an emphasis on how organisations will need to work together to provide opportunities that are local and inclusive, as well as experiences that are welcoming, fun and different, particularly for those not currently interested in sport.

"Through the national conversation, we've gained hugely valuable insight on the current picture of sport in Wales and views on how to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future together,"said Sport Wales Chief Executive, Sarah Powell.

 "People have been refreshingly honest and passionate about what's ahead. It is clear sport will need to continue to seek and build purposeful relationships at every level and the needs of the people of Wales will need to be heard and actioned.

"The vision sets out a compelling destination for Wales, one where everyone enjoys sport and leads an active life. We look forward to receiving people's views on the Vision for sport in Wales."

The Vision for Sport in Wales and Summary of Feedback can be found at www.sport.wales/mywelshsport.

Comments can be made online by:

  • Email - feedback@sport.wales
  • Writing to Sport Wales at The Conversation, Sport Wales, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, CF11 9SW
  • Telephone - 0300 300 3119