“Sport is now a viable option for disabled people,” says Disability Sport Wales boss

There are lots of reasons for the rise in young disabled people taking part in sport but the chief executive of Disability Sport Wales has told the latest Sport Wale Podcast that 'sport is now a viable option'.

The 2018 School Sport Survey found significant rises in participation amongst those people who classed themselves as having an impairment - with 45% now taking part in sport three times a week or more compared to 40% in 2015.

Hollie Arnold

For those young people with special educational needs the figure is 47% against an overall Welsh average of 48% of young people taking part three times a week or more.

Fiona Reid, Chief Executive of Disability Sport Wales, told the latest Sport Wales Podcast:

"We've really seen a boost in people's confidence to want to take part. There are really strong role models in sport now and we celebrate what people can do and their potential.

"Partnership working has been key, as well as plenty of creativity and innovation. There's been a growth in participation opportunities from 1.45million to 1.75million in one year and children can really aspire to get through our pathway now.

Nathan and Child

"The hope is that we can diversify our partnerships in the future because there's lots of people and organisation who we don't know we can work with yet.

"The sporting partners we work with are key though because we want to make the offer for disabled people more mainstream in the future because the sports are the experts in their sport.

"There's a challenge to keep broadening the definition of sport, engaging with young people more and really giving them a voice on the activities they want to do."

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