£296,000 Sport Wales grant for Carmarthen Velodrome

Statement following the approval of the Carmarthenshire County Council Executive Board to support the Carmarthen Velodrome regeneration project.

Sport Wales Director of Elite Sport, Brian Davies;

Wales can only meet the aspirations of getting every child hooked on sport and creating a nation of champions if we have strong clubs, talented athletes, a skilled workforce and appropriate facilities that are fit for sport.

There is a fantastic record of young and talented riders coming from this area so it makes sense to invest National Lottery funds in this project to enable the track to be regenerated to a standard that makes it a regional hub. This will support the continual development of talented riders, coaches and clubs in West Wales. With this kind of facility, local young talented riders can aspire to represent Wales and GB at future Commonwealth, Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The facility development will also have a significant impact on regional club developments, quality of coaches and competition opportunities held in Carmarthen.

I'm delighted that Carmarthenshire County Council sees the potential and value of the velodrome in Carmarthen through these partnerships.