£296,000 Investment in Carmarthen Velodrome

The Carmarthen Velodrome will reopen on Tuesday (24th October) thanks to a £296,000 investment from Sport Wales.

After a five month project of redevelopment the facility will reopen for both community and elite cycling.

The work has seen the former concrete surface (232 bays) completely replaced with new concrete and the installation of a new safety lane inside the perimeter of the track. A safety fence has also been installed around the outer edge of the track.

The project has been financed by grants from Carmarthen Town Council, Carmarthenshire County Council and Sport Wales.

The redeveloped has received full approval of British Cycling and will officially open on Tuesday 24th October 2017 when local club Towy Riders will use the new track for the first time.

Brian Davies, Director of Elite Sport at Sport Wales commented;

"Cycling is one of the most successful sports in Wales both in terms of community participation and performance, which is why we were so keen to invest in such a key facility.

"The work that has been done here will ensure the sustainability of a venue that will deliver positive outcomes both regionally and nationally.

"The collaboration and investment from different partners has been pivotal to making this happen. We're grateful to all the local people who have brought drive and energy to make the project a reality.

"The first cyclists to take to the track will be young riders from the local club under the watchful eye of local elite athletes. I think that says everything about what can be achieved here."