Better Health, Better Mind – Jemma Jones

"I was in a fog of post natal depression and didn't know how to help myself. Running proved to be the answer..."

Jemma Jones lives in Ton Pentre in the Rhondda Valley. She discovered running as a way to beat post natal depression. Now she's better and her daughter's started school she's still clocking up miles each week.

I remember my first run so well. It took me over an hour to complete a mile. I'd make it from one lamp post to the next and take a breath.

But each time I went out it became easier, and then one day I did the mile and just thought I will keep going and see how far I get. I was hooked. Today I can run 10 miles in that hour and a quarter.

I didn't start running to get fit. I was suffering from postnatal depression after my second baby.

It's such a taboo subject but such a horrible experience. I felt I was in a fog and couldn't see my way through it and didn't know how to help myself.  The doctor gave me anti-depressants but I knew I needed more than that - and my husband suggested running. He said he'd come with me and so two or three times a week off we'd go - from one lamp post to the next. That's how unfit I was.

Apart from a little bit of aerobics as a teenager I'd never done any sport at all. But I read up about running and learned to control my breathing and once  I got into it I started to eat more healthily too. After a month of running the fog started to clear and I started to feel better.

My daughter is five now and I have never looked back. Running has helped me shift a stone of excess weight and it helped me come off the anti-depressants and beat the postnatal depression. Whenever I feel low now I put on my trainers and I'm off.