Venus Romaeo and Tracey Skirton Davies

Athlete: Venus Romaeo, Welsh & Great Britain Squad member, British Age Group Champion

Coach: Tracey Skirton-Davies, IPC Qualified Welsh National Gymnastic

Coach from 2005 to date



Venus's hope and dream is to win a medal in the Olympics: 'Tracey will have a lot to do with that. She's a really nice coach, but she'll work me hard. I see her more than I do my mum sometimes!'

As a former gymnast and volunteer coach Tracey thinks volunteers are vital to the sport: 'Obviously [at the academy] we take the cream of the talent. But some of the other youngsters would not carry on if it weren't for volunteers working in local clubs and sports centres. They give kids a taste for gymnastics.'

To find out more about the fantastic partnership devleoped between Tracey and Venus, watch their exclusive interview.