Tom James and Neville Orme

Athlete: Tom James, Olympic champion, Welsh rower, victorious Cambridge Blue.

Coach: Neville Orme, Head Coach of First Eight Squad, King's School, Chester

Coach from 1995-2002



Even at an early age Neville thought Tom had a lot of talent: 'I tried to develop a skill level and give him a good understanding of rowing and what boat moving is all about. But it's not only myself; it's all of the coaching team that's helped him to develop into what he is today.'

This clearly made a strong impression on Tom: 'How you start out often defines your career. The coaching experience I had was incredibly good. Particularly Nev, he's a great storyteller and made it interesting.'

Tom has gone on to Olympic glory and Neville obviously played a large part in his success - find out just how much by watching our exclusive video.