Helen Jenkins and Chris Goulden

Athlete: Helen Jenkins, World Triathlon Champion 2008

Coach: Chris Goulden, Brecon Triathlon Club

Coach from 1999 to 2003



Chris saw Helen's potential when she was just 15 years old swimming in Llangeinor pool. She remembers how he got her into triathlon: 'We went down to a Bridgend industrial estate, and he said ride around a couple of times, get off and run!'

From humble beginnings to world-class quality, this was the beginning of a great partnership. As Chris says: 'The amount of satisfaction I get every time Helen races, and she races all over the world these days, is massive. Hugely proud of her achievements, of what she's done for Wales and to raise the profile of triathlon. It's been fantastic.'

To find out more about the sporting partnership which started in a Bridgend industrial estate and finsihed with World Championship glory, check out their video.