Place for Sport - toolkit for recipients

Congratulations on being one of 118 sports clubs and organisations who have received a share of over £1m through our Place for Sport fund.

We believe that there should be a place for sport for everyone in Wales, and because we are excited by your plans to either modernise, protect or create new sports facilities, we'd like to help you publicise your positive news as much as possible.

Social media - be sociable with your news!

To help make as big an impact as possible on social media channels, we'd like you to join us in posting about your Place for Sport projects during October 2019.

Show how your club is an important, modern and thriving place for sport in your local community. Whether you're using Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, please can you tag in both @SportWales and @WelshGovernment and include the hashtag #PlaceForSport.

While we'd love you to help us swamp social media during October with posts announcing your 'Place For Sport' funding, we'd also like you to continue the momentum by considering posting progress photos when your project is starting to take shape as well as a 'Before and After' comparison on completion. If you include the #PlaceForSport hashtag then we'll keep an eye out for your posts and will help to share your news with the wider sporting public.

Here are some suggested posts which you may want to use on social media…

Social media post #1
We're thrilled to be one of 118 sports clubs and organisations receiving a share of over £1m funding from @SportWales to help make #Wales a better #PlaceForSport.

Social media post #2
We're excited about our new (insert details) which has received funding from @SportWales to help make #Wales a better #PlaceForSport.

You can also find a couple of infographics in this toolkit (below and via the links on the right of this page) which you are welcome to download and include with your posts.

Place for sport graphic 1 eng

Place for sport graphic 2 eng

Media - hit the headlines!

Here is a Media Release template that you may want to edit to include details about your project so that you can hopefully hit the headlines in your local area. Simply email it (along with a photo if possible) to your local newspaper, website, or radio station. As journalists receive numerous media releases each day, there's nothing wrong with following it up with a quick phone call too!

Title: (Insert club/organisation) awarded share of £1m fund to help Wales become a better place for sport

Main Body: (Insert club/organisation name) have been awarded a share of £1m funding aimed at improving sports facilities across Wales.

They are one of 118 sports clubs and organisations to have received Place for Sport grants from Sport Wales which will be used to modernise, protect or create new sports facilities.

Allocated by Welsh Government, the Place for Sport grants have benefited 28 different sports, with the financial awards ranging from £295 up to £50,000.

(Insert club name/organisation) will be using their (insert amount) grant so that they can (insert detail).

(Insert name of club/organisation spokesperson) said: "We are extremely excited that our bid for Place for Sport funding has been successful.

"This funding will make a massive difference, improving our facilities for years to come so that our club/organisation can go from strength to strength."

Each Place for Sport grant recipient will also make a significant contribution of their own to their projects, with the Sport Wales funding accounting for an average of 52% of total costs.

The £1m was part of an overall package of £5m Place for Sport funding allocated by Welsh Government to Sport Wales earlier this year to benefit capital projects across Welsh sport.

When Sport Wales opened public applications for the Place for Sport fund, a total of 319 submissions were received for the £1million pot, with the requests for funding reaching more than £15million for total project costs totalling over £20million.

"The response to the application process was quite staggering really," said Sport Wales' Director of Elite Performance and co-ordinator of the Place for Sport fund, Brian Davies.

"We were able to direct many people to our other grant schemes, but it was a real challenge making the final awards.

"We're delighted that so many clubs, across so many sports, are going to be strengthened because of the investments we've been able to make.

"Hopefully, given the response we had, we can make an excellent case for additional funding from Welsh Government in the future."

Davies added, "We really hope these projects will have a lasting impact on new and existing participants for years to come."

The Place for Sport funding from Sport Wales must be spent by the recipients before March 2020.

Lord Elis-Thomas, Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism said: "Whether it's the hall you dance in or the pitch you play on, having the right sports facilities in place has a big impact on a person's experience - and likelihood of them participating on a regular basis.

"Our investment in facilities in partnership with Sport Wales demonstrates a firm commitment to support a healthy and active Wales. it's very pleasing to see we've been able to allocate funding to ensure a good geographical spread across Wales and across so many sports."

For more information on community grants available through Sport Wales visit or