Development Grant

Lottery logoAre you looking to establish a new team, develop new training facilities or purchase much needed equipment to take your project to the next level?

If so, a grant of between £1,501 - £25,000 is available to cover all of the above projects as well as:

  • Coach education
  • Floodlighting for training purposes
  • Purchase of land or rights in land to develop activity areas
  • Start up grants to support new enterprises

Who can apply?

This grant is available to any group as long as they hold a bank account in the organisation's name.

Who cannot apply?

Sorry but if you are a member of the public, primary school or associated body arranging activities for children, or secondary schools who are part of the 5x60 scheme, you are ineligible for a Development Grant.

In addition the following activities cannot be funded:

  • Physical activities such as gardening, DIY, environmental improvements, performance dance or circus skills
  • Existing activities / projects that have already started
  • Projects that are considered to be part of an organisation's normal day to day running costs
  • Projects based outside Wales

Or the following project elements:

  • Maintenance, repair or replacement of current equipment or facilities (however consideration will be given to replace equipment that no longer complies with current legislation)
  • Purchase of personal items of equipment
  • Catering and hospitality
  • Medals, certificates or trophies
  • Domestic or foreign tours
  • One off events with no links to ongoing activities
  • Memberships

How to apply?

If this grant sounds perfect for your project then why not get in touch with your nearest regional office who will happily discuss your project with you further or you can download an application form.  Before completing your application form, please ensure you read the scheme guidance notes for further details and for all your contact information. 

Application Form

To access the application form you will need Adobe version 5 through 9 (select the link for a free down load if you do not have it already downloaded to your PC).  It is an interactive PDF so you are able to type directly onto it. We recommended you download and save your application to your local drive in order to complete it at your leisure. 

When completing your application, if you require more information about a section, press the red circular button.  Use the same red button to return to the section you were completing.  When completed please see the section "7.0 What Happens Next?" to ensure you send your application to the correct location for it to be processed as quickly as possible.

We recommend that you submit your application electronically, with any supporting information prefixed with your organisation's name.