Community Chest

Fancy £1500 towards your community sport project?

Lottery logoCommunity Chest offers grant awards up to £1500 in any 12 months towards:

  • Increasing participation
  • Improving standards

Who can apply?

Any group that holds a bank account in their organisation's name. You'll probably be one of the following:

  • Sports Club or Association
  • Youth Club
  • Community Group

Who can not apply?

  • Primary / secondary schools arranging activities for their pupils;
  • Individual members of the public
  • Local Authorities
  • Organisations whose proposed project has already started;

In addition the following activities / project elements cannot be funded:

  • Personal items of equipment or kit
  • Catering & hospitality
  • Medals, certificates & trophies
  • Sports tours
  • One off events with no links to ongoing activities
  • Day to day running costs
  • Projects that have already started
  • Projects where the activity takes place outside of Wales
  • Insurance / League fees / Affiliation Activities deemed as part of the 'core' business of the applicant
  • Physical activities such as gardening, DIY, environmental improvements, performance dance or circus skills
  • Maintenance, repair or replacement of current equipment or facilities (however consideration will be given to replace equipment that no longer complies with current legislation)
  • Memberships
  • Capital projects (projects that involve building or buying land)
  • Financial support for individuals

Sport Wales grants to launch online applications

The way you apply for your Sport Wales funding is changing.

As of autumn 2015 you will be able to apply for your Sport Wales grant online through a brand new, dedicated system via the Sport Wales website. Updates around timelines and what steps to take will be communicated over the coming weeks, so please check in regularly to stay well informed around this exciting launch.

How to apply

Community Chest is run partnership with the 22 local authorities in Wales so you need to download an application form and submit it to your local authority contact, along with a copy of your clubs bank statement.

Before completing your application form, please ensure you read the scheme guidance notes for further details and for all your contact information.

To access the application form you will need Adobe version 5 through 9 (select the link for a free download if you do not have it already downloaded to your PC). It is an interactive PDF so you are able to type directly onto it. We recommended you
download and save your application to your local drive in order to complete it at your leisure.

When completing your application, if you require more information about a section, press the red circular button. Use the same red button to return to the section you were completing. When completed please see the section "7.0 What Happens Next?" to ensure
you send your application to the correct location for it to be processed as quickly as possible.