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Sport in Wales is raising the bar in terms of customer service as clubs and organisations are using the latest technology to launch a range of Apps to increase communication with existing members whilst opening the door to a potential new market.

In particular, Stow Park Tennis Club in Newport has seen an increase in memberships thanks to the development of an App which is available to download on iPhone and Android smart phones.

The free to download App which has improved club communication by allowing easy and instant publication of news events, court availability and fixtures has been welcomed by members and Tennis Wales alike.

Following the success, Tennis Wales have launched their own App with the hope of changing the perception of tennis across the country.

Simon Clarke, Tennis Wales said: "I feel that we're moving with the times - the App has been designed to give people easy access to news and events happening across Welsh tennis as well as information on upcoming coach education courses, direct access to our Facebook and Twitter pages and live data from competitions.

"For us, the main benefit of the App is the ability to be able to input match results directly onto the system straight after the match - players are able to look through the league tables, match statistics and upcoming fixtures at the click of a button.

"The App has been on our radar for a while, especially as it's one of the Lawn Tennis Associations top priorities - we were inspired by the success of Stow Park and as a result worked with their developer, student Max Price who has gone above and beyond our expectations."

As the younger generation is more inclined to turn to mobile Apps to find information, it is hoped that the technology will open a new way for Stow Park, Tennis Wales and other clubs to communicate with and attract a younger audience.

Simon Napper, ICT Manager at Sport Wales said: "A typical smartphone today is more powerful than a desktop computer from 2-3 years ago. Apps are seen as the future of software as they are a better way of accessing information on the internet. Expectations are that mobile Apps will be available from most organisations including sports clubs and traditional non-for-profit organisations.

"Used properly, mobile apps can be utilised by sports clubs to communicate with their members in a modern and effective way. Tennis Wales and Stow Park have shown recently that it is relatively easy and low cost to develop an App."

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