School Sport Survey: Top Tips for completing the School Sport Survey





Back in 2015 we caught up with the team in Swansea to get their top tips for completing the Survey.  Here's a reminder of how they do it.

"At the beginning of the 2013 process, we quickly realised that we would have to provide schools with extra support. Not enough schools were filling in the surveys and we were anxious Swansea wouldn't qualify for a findings report."

That's Sarah McCoubrey of City & County of Swansea who took swift action in 2013 to ensure schools were supported in a very practical sense to complete the 2013 School Sport Survey.

Here she shares her top tips for schools and Local Authorities…

How can local authorities provide practical support?

1. Set up a steering group within your local authority and decide in advance which schools need the most support

2. Make sure someone is at the end of the phone to answer any questions and to offer advice. This was something we underestimated last time.

3. Consider making your officers available to sit with pupils while they complete the survey - schools don't always have the resources to commit teacher time. This is also useful because they can fully answer any pupil questions and explain the terminology.  This year, Young Ambassadors will also be on hand to help!

4. Keep an eye on the online monitoring to see how many more surveys a school needs to complete in order to qualify for a report. We'd find a school might need just two more pupils to complete so we'd call and explain that they were close to the finish line!

5. Explain at the outset that they need balance across genders and across year groups

6. We can'tmakeschools do the survey but we can advise on the most efficient way to do it and how other schools have managed it


What can schools do to make the process smoother and more efficient?

1. Allow plenty of time for the survey to be completed.  Look to programme time into PSE lessons or take smaller groups out of classes

2. If you have ipads, use them! Pupils find it easier and you can take them into any class. Just make sure they're all charged up ready!

3. Allocate a member of staff to sit with pupils as they always, always have hundreds of questions

4. Have an information sheet handy which explains the terminology within the survey. This is really useful if the member of staff overseeing is not a PE teacher

5. Print out a paper copy and be aware of the questions coming up so you're ready to help pupils

6. Remember Sport Wales also provide a support kit which contains helpful resources

7. Approach your local AYP team as soon as possible if you think you are going to need support with completing the survey.


How do you encourage a schoolto take part?

1. Explain that this is an opportunity to track progress and development in pupil participation.

2. Emphasise that the survey is an important tool for pupil voice - this is huge on the school agenda

3. We also show how other schools have made a big difference as a result of being informed by the findings. We show them what they could do…

4. When you're talking about other schools or showing them case studies, don't just talk about PE and sport. Talk about how increased PE can lead to improved behaviour, academic attainment levels, health and wellbeing

5. Explain that you can show your commitment to pupil welfare by sharing the results. For example, the survey findings are now published onmylocalschool


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