School Sport Survey: Talking with Different Stakeholders





There are many stakeholders who can support and become advocates of school sport survey action planning.  

Knowing how best to communicate with them can be tricky. 

Conwy's Active Young People team have some great ideas based on 2013 experiences. 

As Huw Evans -Physical Literacy Coordinator - explains, "opening more doors" can provide a great deal of support for your activities.


You don't get anywhere by using the term, physical activity. Start thinking of your work as part ofwellbeing, and promote physical activity as an essential part of pupil wellbeing.

People will then realise that you don't want to talk about the school's football or hockey team but the holistic approach that every child should have the opportunity to be physically active.

We used every opportunity to present this clear and consistent message.

Remember that Estyn prioritises wellbeing, hence those responsible for school inspections, such as governors and senior managers will also have an interest and should be able to support in your planning.  A school's performance in the School Sport Survey really matters.


We worked with a number of partners including Healthy Schools, School Catering, and School Nutrition Officers to draft a document to showcase everyone's roles and responsibilities right across the county in terms of pupil wellbeing. The document also shows how physical activity contributes to wellbeing.

From there, it certainly wasn't a one meeting approach. To kickstart things, we seized the opportunity to talk to Headteachers and Deputy Heads at an Anti Bullying Week conference. It was a captive audience so we presented the findings as well as the document we'd prepared.

Senior members of the education department presented to Headteachers (primary and secondary) at a series of meetings. Wellbeing was on the agenda so once again they heard about our work, the importance of physical literacy, the wellbeing document and the survey.

We also organised Teach Meets and invited headteachers, PE coordinators and PE staff to share physical activity good practice. The School Sport Survey has been a key topic, highlighting examples of how schools and young leaders have used it.


Governors are a powerful group of people and we were able to work with them really positively. Some of them have other responsibilities and are often local councilors too.

Governors have a compulsory training calendar. We were able to negotiate and add wellbeing to the agenda.

We invited all governors with responsibility for wellbeing to an evening of training. We talked through physical literacy, presented the survey and the data from 2013 and impressed upon them that it needs to be acted upon and that it is the role of governors to question and support schools to act on the data. It cannot sit on a shelf.


There's no magic bullet for how you communicate with such a big group of stakeholders. The biggest thing is to build personal rapport.

Get to know the people you are working with and treat them as individuals. Spend time with them and support them. If you're struggling to get an initial meeting find other ways to contact them, some prefer email, some phone, some have shared a mobile number with us. Timing is key so get to know routines and make a note of the best time to contact different individuals.

Also understand that people respond to different motivating factors.


We don't want people to feel threatened by the data. One of our key messages this time is:be it good, indifferent or poor, it's a baseline from which to work from.

We're there to support and share good practice. There has to be a comfortable support network. We're not here to force anyone to change.




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