FE Sport & Active Lifestyles Survey: Q&A with Coleg Cambria: Making the results work for your college




North East Wales

The FE Sport and Active Lifestyles survey provides valuable insight for colleges to create new and exciting activities for students and ultimately, improving their wellbeing.

Here, we speak to Paula Hancock to find out how Coleg Cambria used the results of the survey pilot phase and why they recommend other colleges get involved.


How was the 2015 survey?

In the pilot survey, we had a total of 405 students complete it and these were primarily made up of Sport and Uniformed Services students. 


How did you use the findings?

We developed a working group across the college to challenge the findings.  It was clear that students were not as active as we had hoped. This resulted in the college undertaking a rigorous assessment of sport and physical activity across the college. We developed and implemented a Sport and Physical Activity strategy and set out an ambitious plan to support learners to make healthy choices and become fit for college, work and life.


What is your advice for other colleges?

Engage with this type of survey! It helps you to 'take the temperature' of how active students are. It helps to 'meet them' at the place they are and to support them to get more active. Everyone should have the opportunity to develop their understanding of what it means to be physically active and the benefits that this will have on their future. Promoting a healthy and active culture across an organisation will provide the very best opportunities for people to demonstrate employee sustainability for their future.


What are the next steps for Coleg Cambria?

We will get as many students as possible completing the survey. Everything is monitored and recorded.  Sophisticated data systems are used to track engagement and this data can be used to make a positive impact.