FE Sport & Active Lifestyles Survey: How to get your students involved in this year’s survey





Two years ago, colleges got involved in a pilot survey to extend the School Sports Survey to an older demographic.


This year, it's back, with a new name (The FE Sport and Active Lifestyle Survey) but the same purpose. We all want to address the worrying trend that teens between the ages of 14 and 19 become less active.

To help get as many students completing the survey as possible, here are just three examples of the tried and tested methods that worked for colleges across the country last time around.



With busy timetables, Pembrokeshire College found that using tutorial sessions for students to complete the survey worked well for them. In some colleges, groups were taken to an IT suite or library area for space so that students could have the time and space to concentrate on the survey.



We all know students love their tech and many colleges made survey completion as quick and as simple as possible. Many colleges encouraged students to activate the survey link that is emailed to them, on their mobile phones.


Sarah Kerrigan, Head of Sport and Public Services explains how Merthyr College handled it. "As well as placing laptops in prominent places, we had the survey on Ipads and student phones" she says. "We had confident students wandering the building and verbally asking other students the questions, while completing their answers on the phones."



Members of staff or peer groups can play an important role in supporting other students to get involved in the survey process and helping them to understand what it is all about.


Mererid Dark at Cross Keys, Coleg Gwent explains: "We had student management team members visiting tutorial groups to support the delivery of the survey." 


Merthyr College used peers to approach fellow students during break times to complete the survey and they'll be looking to assign their Young Ambassadors the main roles next time.