Sport Wales support updated Sport & Exercise Nutrition Register /

The SENr, chaired by Dr Stuart Galloway (University of Stirling) outlines professional standards and competences for Sport and Exercise Nutritionists whilst guiding the development of the Sport and Exercise Nutrition curriculum and providing career development pathways for aspiring Sport and Exercise Nutritionists.

The voluntary register, which is administered by The British Dietetic Association on behalf of the SENr board, is designed to accredit suitably qualified and experienced individuals who have the competency to work autonomously as a Sport and Exercise Nutritionist with performance oriented athletes, as well as those participating in physical activity, sport and exercise for health.

Olivia Busby, Sport Wales Acting Lead Performance Nutritionist said: "Sport Wales fully supports the SENr to accredit and quality mark suitably qualified and experienced practitioners within high performance sport. The SENr is important for developing the Performance Nutrition discipline as well as setting and maintaining professional standards among registrants. All members of the Sport Wales Performance Nutrition team are fully registered with the SENr and this will be used as a key standard when employing future Performance Nutrition practitioners."

SENr chair Stuart Galloway said "The Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr) was conceived to provide a bench mark peer-reviewed standard of fitness to practice in sport and exercise nutrition. Graduate membership of SENr brings together graduates in sport and exercise science, nutrition, and dietetics that aspire to careers in sport and exercise nutrition (who will have additionally attained a postgraduate qualification in SEN) and provides them with continuing professional development and a pathway to full registration.

Full members of SENr are professionals from these academic backgrounds who, after mentored professional practice, are deemed competent to provide sport and exercise nutrition support to a wide range of sportspeople.

Registration provides quality assurance for clients and employers helping to avoid unwitting malpractice by unqualified practitioners. Registration includes a professional commitment to work within the SENr code of conduct which also offers protection for the practitioner.

Hosted by the British Dietetic Association, the Register now provides a formal stepping stone to a career in sport and exercise nutrition and introduces professional regulation into a growing workforce that was, hitherto, largely unregulated."