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Frankie Jones

Date of Birth

09 November 1990


Rhythmic Gymnastics




Rhythmic gymnast Frankie, 23, has become a stalwart of Team Wales. This will be her third Commonwealth Games after she made her debut in Melbourne 2006 and then in Delhi 2010.

It was in Delhi that she really made a name for herself among the Welsh public when she won silver with a stunning routine in the hoop final.

She also competed at London 2012 but her Olympic performance came at a cost. Her body was in pieces, especially her hips: "Jo Coombs who's coaching me now got me to come back to training, which I'm really glad of."

"Rhythmic has quite a mentality of keep training, training, training and not really resting and working on how much loading you should do. So this year has been spent loading and working out how much training my hip can take and having to say I can't do any more on certain days."

Frankie is a regular at the Sport Wales National Centre where a team of sports scientists and sports medicine professionals have been managing her recovery and are now closely monitoring her training. Lead Physiotherapist Sian Knott - who will be a key member of Team Wales in Glasgow - says:

"We're constantly balancing what we think she is physically capable of doing and what her body will allow her to do versus what her coach, and Frankie herself, think she needs to do in order to be at her best."

Glasgow will be Frankie's swansong but, for the first time, she will be accompanied by other rhythmic gymnasts:

"This will be my third Commonwealth Games and I've never been with a team. It's really exciting and I can hopefully give some of my experience to the younger ones so we can all do well."

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