High performing workforce

We want to develop diverse, passionate and skilled workforces, paid and voluntary, to encourage, inspire and support participants and create sporting opportunities by atrracting and investing in the right people, in the right places.

There are a number of things which we, and our partners, can do to ensure that we develop a high performing workforce:

  • Developing the skills of existing sports leaders and those who have the passion, capability and potential to be hugely influential in current and future roles in Sport Wales Reflecting society within our leadership - a positive drive to develop women, disabled and BME individuals in sport, in order that the mix of future leaders is richer and more responsive to the needs and lifestyles of participants
  • Coaches delivering child-centred opportunities
  • Developing leadership opportunities within all sports clubs throughout Wales
  • Supporting the development of sports administration at regional, local and club level
  • Strengthening the sector's approach to succession planning and continuing professional development

 How will we know when we have been successful?

  • Doubling the number of coaches and volunteers
  • Skilled and passionate workforce
  • Greater diversity on boards, committees and in leadership positions
  • All Leisure Centre staff accessing training to deliver sports development programmes
  • Developing workforce plans to define what is required, where people are to be sought and hoe they are to be developed and deployed
  • Embedding a culture of performance management, where people are challenged and supported to raise their game