Governance and Leadership Framework for Wales

In the dying embers of 2014, Sport Wales facilitated a movement by Welsh governing bodies to manufacture a strong programme of leadership and governance development that would take Welsh sport to the next level. Created by the sector, for the sector, the main aims for governing bodies within Wales was to follow the framework and it's seven principles and use them it as a tool to make organisations the best they can be.

The seven principles the framework sets out are:

1. Integrity: Acting as guardians of the sport, recreation, activity or area

2. Defining and evaluating the role of your board

3. Setting vision, mission and purpose

4. Objectivity: Balanced, inclusive and skilled board

5. Standards, systems and controls

6. Accountability and transparency

7. Understanding and engaging with the sporting landscape


Four years into its development, the Governance and Leadership Framework for Wales (GLFW) has been able to show plenty of promise since 2015, with the framework going under review in 2019 with still many objectives to work towards.


- Designed to be flexible and simple

- Provides principles of good governance and effective behaviours

- Not a 'one size fits all' approach to governance

- Helps organisations fulfil potential and improve

Has the GLFW been a success?

After implementing the framework in 2015, many organisations have improved tenfold with improvements such as:

-Applying expertise to their boards such as HR, marketing and commercial professionals.

-More organisations focus on the culture, values and behaviours in their sports

- Since it's creation around 70% of organisations have changed their articles after using the framework.

-Diversity within boardrooms has improved allowing new perspectives and ideas to improve the face of each organisation.

-The safeguarding standards of Wales' 25 top sports has increased with many of the smaller sports within the country getting more recognition and help.

The Review

Although the improvements of many organisations have improved after following the framework, the Sport and Recreation Alliance is facilitating a refresh of the Framework with the help of the sector. The review is to look at refreshing the framework with the development and improvement at the forefront of the GLFW. More case studies are being produced on how the governing bodies and partners have applied the seven principles over the last four years which will shed a light on the advantages of the framework. The revised framework will be in place from the summer of 2019.

Case Studies:

Pater Hybart - Cricket Wales

Robin Kellen - Snowsport Wales

Richard Dixon - Wales Golf

Laura Whapham - NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit

Fergus Feeney - Swim Wales