Governance and Leadership Framework for Wales


It is vital that the sport and recreation sector in Wales must always adapt and look forward if it is to thrive.

The Governance and Leadership Framework for Wales (GLFW) was first introduced in 2015 and there is no doubt that it has helped deliver significant and long-lasting changes and improvements as well as a cultural shift in governance and leadership within the sector.

Alongside this, in the last few years, there have been several key sports governance and policy changes, which are now having a big impact on organisations within our sector. In order to ensure that the Framework remains relevant and valued, it has been reviewed to respond to the changes that have occurred since its inception.

The review consisted of a thorough consultation process. The Framework was originally developed by the sector for the sector, so the review kept this principle in mind by gathering the views and feedback of sport organisations. The review highlighted the significant progress in improved governance to date and also areas that need further consideration and focus if we are to continue this progress well into the future.

The Framework is intended to be a valued and supportive tool to help organisations operate in a resilient and robust manner. We know that many, many different types of organisations work in our sector and the Framework can be adapted and used by all as a framework to be the best organisation that you can be.

The principles in the GLFW are flexible, allowing organisations to adapt them to suit. When adopted and put into practice, the principles should help make sure that organisations are able to become the best they can be: strong, sustainable, successful-for their members, participants and customers, and all stakeholders.

The Governance and Leadership Framework for Wales helps the sector respond to political and cultural changes by assisting boards develop a strong governance structure. This structure will help the organisation work in a way that builds resilience and grow to provide maximum value. The Framework is already helping a wide range of organisations who may vary in size, structure and the type of business but they all have one thing in common: a passion for sport and recreation.

The significant progress since 2015 has shown that there is an overriding sense of enthusiasm, commitment and responsibility within the sport sector to continually improve governance and leadership. The refreshed version of the GLFW ensure that the framework will remain modern and relevant and continue this progress for years to come.

Lynn Pamment, Chair of the Welsh Sport Association, said: "Good governance is essential to create trust and build confidence between organisations and their stakeholders. As a new Chair to the sport sector with a professional background in this field,  I am looking forward to sharing the best practice gathered from my varied experiences across corporate governance, and to work with colleagues in applying this to sport in Wales. The revised GLFW's multi-layered approach means it can meet the size and scale of every sporting organisation, and help ensure that Welsh sport continues to grow and succeed."

The GLFW can be found in English HERE and in Welsh HERE



Case Studies:

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Robin Kellen - Snowsport Wales

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