Board Diversity

Sport Wales Support Boards to Achieve Diversity with Range of Resources

Within Welsh Sport, we are committed to a diverse and inclusive sector that provides equality of opportunity in sport, diversity within our infrastructure and are passionate about tackling inequality. We also know, and there is clear evidence to suggest that diverse organisations able to respond to a wider range of factors, are able to give greater consideration to stakeholder requirements and ultimately make better informed decisions. Diverse organisations are good for business - in all sectors, not just sport.

At its July 2018 meeting the Sport Wales Board agreed a policy objective for all Sport National Governing Bodies and National Partners to achieve gender parity on their Boards. (the EU Commission's definition of gender parity is at least 40% women or men). Though all protected characteristics are important for richness and diversity of thinking, the policy position prioritises gender diversity as an integral component in balanced, inclusive and skilled boards in Wales, and an area in which as a sector, we need to accelerate progress. While the initial priorities are gender focussed, we recognise that gender is just one characteristic of how people identify themselves.

This proactive step led the way to address a known gap and was made in made in accordance with the legal and policy frameworks that guide Sport Wales' strategic direction and reflected the contents of an independent report developed in consultation with NGBs. The aspiration is for all NGBs and National Sport Organisations to achieve Board Diversity in line with Principle 4 of the Governance & Leadership Framework (GLFW) by March 2020.

Significant progress that has been made towards well run, well governed organisations with balanced, skilled and inclusive boards since the GLFW came into effect. Tailored support to drive improved governance is currently available for all GLFW beneficiaries through Vibrant Nation.

A number of sector wide events have focussed on Board Diversity and have highlighted the range of partners that can provide support in this area ranging from Independent Consultants to organisations such as Acorn Recruitment, BME Sport Cymru, Counsel, Chwarae Teg, Inclusive Boards, Women's Equality Network Wales, & Vibrant Nation.

In order to provide further support for the sport sector to continue to make progress in this area, Sport Wales have developed a range of resources following consultation and feedback from the sport sector. The resources are designed to be used by all sporting organisations striving for a balanced, skilled and inclusive board. They consist of detailed, practical recruitment guidance with  tools and templates that enable this to be implemented; a detailed evidence base on why a diverse board is good for business; and a range of case studies which highlight how organisations have achieved diverse boards, and what impact this has had on the organisation. The resources can be found below:

The Business Case for Board Diversity

Recruitment Guidance

Recruitment Guidance - Tools and Templates

Case Study - Birmingham FA

Case Study - The Great British Diversity Experiment

Case Study - Welsh Triathlon

Case Study - Welsh Rowing

UK Athletics' Commitment to Board Diversity