Our commitments

We are here to help others deliver; be it through high challenge, advocacy of sport at the highest levels of Government, supporting thought processes and skills development, or sharing data and insights.

Whilst we have a vision for thriving sporting communities, and an informed understanding of the key ingredients, how we make that happen, at national, regional and local levels is very much down to partners.

We are committed to taking a series of actions as we work towards achieving our vision for community sport:

New participation targets

  • Children and young people of school age: 3 occasions per week, provided within extracurricular and wider community settings
  • Young Adults (16-24 year olds): 3 sport sessions per week
  • Adults: 3 sport sessions per week
  • Volunteering: 10% of the Welsh population (currently at 5%)

Tackling Child Poverty

Working with partners, both traditional and non-traditional, Sport Wales will ensure that sport plays its part in eradicating child poverty and that sport becomes a more intrinsic part of the Welsh Government's strategy to achieve this.

Effective use of the workforce

Sport Wales will work with partners to ensure the current landscape is fit for purpose.

Making intelligent investments

We will invest in partners who can demonstrate clear ambitions, a hunger to expand and a real commitment to evidence based decision making.

Working with those who are committed to strengthening local sport

We will support partners to set up localised structures that meet the needs of the local participant, and the development needs of sport.

Identifying and developing talent within sport's workforce

We will review its current training and development programme.

Strategically investing in the sporting infrastructure

We will invest in infrastructure based on evidence of actual or potential integrated partnership at the local or regional level.We will also advocate that we should be a statutory consultee for any indoor or outdoor facility development, not just playing fields.


We will develop an online database to house examples of best practice for sharing with partners.

Scutinising progress aganist key measures

We will use 5 key measures to assess the sector's progress over the coming years:

  • children doing 3 occasions of sport in a week (extracurricular and within the wider community setting)
  • club membership;
  • 16-24 adult participation (3 occasions per week)
  • school key stage 3 attainment;
  • number of adults volunteering in Wales.

Prioritise long term planning

Our Senior Management will commit to undertaking a series of topical discussions based on issues predicted to be of significance to sport in Wales. It will share the work with partners at an annual sport conference.

To find out more about our commitments, check out the full strategy document.