Community Strategy

Wales' sport sector has set its sights on achieving a big ambition. Not limiting itself any longer to merely increasing the rate of sports participation, nor to a steady increase in the number of elite medals won, but firmly committing to the aspiration that we can achieve bigger, better outcomes by stretching ourselves.

As such, we've signed up to getting every child, without exception, hooked on sport for life, and to establish Wales as a nation of champions. This necessitates radical thinking around how sport is planned, offered and promoted. Its appeal needs to be wider, deeper and capable of sustaining interest and passion right through to adulthood.

A new, sector-wide Community Sport Strategy has been developed. Building on the Vision for Sport,the strategy sets out clear priorities to enable a dramatic shift in the range and number of people involved in local sport. It also provides further guidance to those responsible for planning and running sport in Wales.

See the strategy in action

You can view the full interactive strategy document online or if you would prefer a hard copy then you can download a pdf version. (Please note, hyperlinks within the document are starred).

To help bring the strategy to life even more we have also produced this short film, Fit for Life:

You can also find out more about the Community Strategy launch by reading the press release which accompanied the strategy launch at Planet Gymnastics in Cardfiff.

We want to hear from you

Now that you have read the strategy and seen the video, let us know what you think. Let us know what you think about community sport in Wales, or the strategy itself, by emailing