National Young Ambassador Steering Group


The National Young Ambassador Steering Group is made up of Platinum Young Ambassadors from across Wales. The group meet once a term to discuss ideas which help shape the future direction of the programme, and to share their experiences.


The 2016/17 group has 16 Young Ambassador members, with at least one representative from each region in Wales. The group are also lucky to have a representative on the Sport Wales Board, to provide the young person's voice at their meetings.


Recruitment for new members takes place in June, so if you are interested in joining please look out for the application form on our website.


 Meet the National Young Ambassador Steering Group for 2016/17


Alex Griffiths 

Alex Griffiths - Swansea

After spending 2 years being a Young Ambassador there is only one way to describe my experience and that is life changing! When I became a young ambassador I had no idea what the role involved but now after working my way up the ranks I have feel like I have achieved something special. I have had the opportunity to volunteer at events like the IPC European Athletics Championships, Sainsburys School Games 2015 and speaking at the opening of the Inclusive Future "Roaring with Pride" project. From being a part of the Welsh steering group and leadership academy I hope to gain more confidence, make new friends and gain new experiences.



Beth Harris

Bethan Harris - Swansea

From volunteering at the European IPC Athletics Championships, attending an Inclusive Futures Camp in Loughborough to running a sports club for the STF pupils in my school, I've absolutely loved the experiences I've had as a Young Ambassador over the last 3 years. Through all my Young Ambassador experiences, I've had the opportunity to make a positive impact to young people's lives and made life-long friends at the same time! The National Steering Group seemed the perfect place for me to further improve, enjoy and inspire as a Young Ambassador. I thoroughly enjoyed being on the group last year and hope that I can continue making a positive impact on a National level. I hope that the whole of Wales will benefit from my input into the ever growing Young Ambassador programme. 



Bronnie Griffiths

Bronnie Griffiths - Rhondda Cynon Taff

I started on the road of The National Leadership Academy back in 2014 as a Gold Ambassador for RCT.  From the start so many opportunities and avenues have opened for me.  Following my DIT (Disability Inclusion Training) at the start of my ambassadorship, I was asked to assist with Disability Sports Wales in running the 2014 Wheelchair Sports Spectacular in The National Indoor Athletics Centre Cardiff.  Within 3 months I was running 3 Multi Sports after school clubs for the Urdd.  These clubs proved such a success I was placed on the Urdd Sports Youth Panel for RCT and Caerphilly.  In 2015 I was kindly asked to be a representative for the young voices of Wales on the Sports Wales board at their head quarters in Sophia Gardens Cardiff.   A highlight of my time with the YA scheme was when I participated in a Football Industry work placement with Torino Football Club, Italy all thanks to VI/ABILITY.  I hope I carry out this success promoting the YA Scheme whilst in University, increasing participation among young children within sports clubs, schooling and getting every child hooked on sports for life.



Cerys Davies       

Cerys Davies - Anglesey                                            

I have volunteered in the field of sports for many years with multiple organisations such as the Urdd, 5x60 scheme and my community. I have completed over 100 hours of volunteering, and due to this commitment I recently received the award of Young Volunteer of the year for Anglesey and Gwynedd, and a runner up in the Wales Womenspire Young Person category. My favourite sport is netball and I currently play for Llangefni, Eryri and North West Wales netball team. I have also trialled for Wales U17s Netball Team. I enjoy coaching younger children as I want to pass on my passion and knowledge of sport and make them the best they can be. Being on the National Steering Group has given me many opportunities that enhance my skills.



 Cerys Vick

Cerys Vick - Conwy

I have been a Young Ambassador now for 3 years and have loved every second! Being a Young Sports Ambassador has given me amazing opportunities, for example being one of the new members to the Steering Group this year and I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience so far and am sure I will continue to do so. Two of my highlights were helping to organise and deliver the 2016 Gold Conference whilst meeting so many new and interesting people and sitting in on a Sports Wales board meeting in North Wales. My goal is to further increase participation in sport in any way I can locally and nationally.



Harri Evans

                                                                             Harri Evans - Anglesey                      

I have been fortunate enough to have been a Young Ambassador for Hockey and Sport Wales for almost 4 years where I have started as a silver and developed up to gold and now platinum for both National Governing Bodies. My current aim is to increase participation in boys hockey throughout Wales as the UK currently has one of the lowest percentage of boys playing hockey throughout Europe. With the help of the Young Ambassador programme I have been able to go into primary schools in my local authority to try and promote hockey and especially for boys. Due to my work promoting hockey throughout Wales I have had the honour to be on the European Hockey Federation Youth Panel where young people throughout Europe who are enthusiastic about Hockey meet to try and grow hockey continentally. During my time on the Youth Panel I have been lucky enough to volunteer at the European Parahockey Championships in London and to get to travel to Germany to help out at a European Parahockey Festival. I also currently on the Urdd Sports Youth Forum to try and help them with ideas on how their association can develop in the future. If I wasn't a Young Ambassador I would never have been confident enough to try and do the things that I have done, both Hockey and Sport Wales have given me an invaluable set of skills that have helped me through all aspects of life.



Katie Moore

Katie Moore - Cardiff

I'm Katie and I'm 17 years old. I have been a YA for 3 years. I love sport and I've competed in various sports since I was 5 years old and feel very passionate about the benefits of sport. Being a YA has giving me so many opportunities to grow as a person such as being able to coach young children and gaining an athletics scholarship with Cardiff Metropolitan University. These opportunities have help me gain confidence, valuable life skills and meet great new people.  



 Lauren Holmes

Lauren Holmes - Conwy

My Young Ambassador Journey began back in 2013 when I discovered that sport inspired me to be a better person, and as I carried on my role as a Silver and Gold Young Ambassador I realised that not only can sport just inspire me but other people in a generation. So my whole Ambassador path has been trying to inspire others to use sport to improve all areas of health. I have volunteered for many organisations and National Governing Bodies both locally and nationally. I have taken part in various outdoor activities as this is one of my main sports. I believe that Young Ambassadors are the way forward to get a nation hooked on sport for life, and I am honoured to be able to carry this out in the prestigious position in the National Steering Group.


 Lauren Williams

Lauren Williams - Powys

 Over the past 4 years, I have progressed through the Young Ambassador pathway, starting at Silver in 2014 and ending up here, a platinum ambassador and member of the Welsh National steering group and Leadership Academy for 2016/17. This year one of my focuses as a YA has been to build on the success of getting 48% of all children in Wales 'hooked on sport for life'. The way I have hoped to make an impact so far has been to instigate physical literacy into my local primary schools, and organising multi-skills events for years 1-4 with the aim of getting each child confident in their sporting abilities so that they continue to participate at every stage in their life. Being a part of the ever-growing Young Ambassador movement has helped me to develop a diverse range of skills and qualities due to the opportunities that it has provided, such as speaking at the 'Sport Wales Does ignite' and the #IWILL campaign young trustees event. I am also fortunate enough to be the YA representative on the Sport Wales Board for this year, something that gives me great pride being able to speak on behalf of YAs all over the country and share a young person's opinion on the Governing Board. I hope that my enthusiasm for providing other young people with sporting opportunities will help to enhance and expand the Young Ambassador workforce.




Lloyd carr


Lloyd Carr - Cardiff                                              

I am a passionate footballer who has had the honour of representing my country in a tournament in 2015. I also volunteer as a coach for Cardiff City FC. During my time as a YA, I have been behind innovative new ideas to enhance and regenerate the YA programmes use of technology and social media, creating the video used in the opening ceremony of the Gold ambassador Conference as well as the Snapchat filter used for the event.



 Lowri Thomas

Lowri Thomas - Swansea

I felt very fortunate to get chosen as a silver Young Sports Ambassador of my area at the age of 15 and then went on to become a gold YA a year later. In my local authority, I have volunteered in events such as the Tata Steels triathlon, Swansea sports awards, cycling events, swimming events, the Dragons sports challenge as well as the Swanlinx challenge. Moreover, I attended the Inclusive Futures camp in Loughborough where I worked and played sport alongside individuals with impairments: I cannot stress how much I learnt from this camp and it made me determined to promote inclusive sports back home in my local authority.  Through this system I have gained a wide range of new experiences where I've been able to develop so many critical skills that will without a doubt benefit me a great deal in the future. I have met some amazing people on my journey who have inspired me in so many ways, and without these people my experiences would not be the same. Recently I became a Platinum Young Ambassador and a member of the Welsh steering group and I hope through this that I can use my experience as a young volunteer to get as many young people as possible hooked on sport for life. I am also eager to promote the Young Ambassador scheme as I think it's made such a difference to sports throughout Wales. I am very excited for so many more unforgettable experiences as a Young Sports Ambassador.


 Maisie Mackenzie

Maisie Mackenzie - Carmarthenshire

I have been volunteering for 5 years in both clubs inside and outside school and been an ambassador for two of those years. It started with my teacher wanting some help at a lunchtime hockey session but quickly grew into a passion.  Sport has helped me overcome many obstacles in my life, and I feel that providing and giving others the same opportunities and experiences is very important. It has been such an honour working with other incredible sports ambassadors and has given me the chance to meet amazing people, such as Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Through being an ambassador, I have had the opportunity to speak at awards ceremonies and gained vital skills. It is a rewarding feeling knowing you have inspired or helped someone, I hope to continue London's 2012 moto and 'leave a legacy'.



 Molly Caulfield

Molly Caulfield  - Conwy

I have been a part of the young ambassador scheme for 4 years now. Since then I have gained so much confidence. The opportunities that I have been given are astonishing. Since being a Young Ambassador I have helped out in local school athletics competitions, I have coached various sports such as netball and dodgeball and I have achieved my 100 hours of Millennium Volunteers. I am currently working towards getting the Young Ambassador scheme recognised in my school. I am training new Young Ambassadors and hoping when I leave at the end of this year, that the Young Ambassador Programme continues within in the school as it has a massive effect on sport.


 Nia Weaver

Nia Weaver - Powys

I have had the honour to be a part of the Young Ambassadors scheme since 2013, where I began my journey as a Silver YA, then later a Gold and now a Platinum. While being part of the scheme it has taught me valuable skills and given me the opportunity to instil my qualities and personal skills even further than I ever hoped. My confidence has matured tremendously, I have adapted my intuition and creativity, but most importantly my potential to inspire others has grown exceedingly. It is my aim to utilise my passion for sport to see others, of all abilities enjoy physical activity and succeed by reaching their full potential. Not only has the Young Ambassadors scheme taught me valuable life skills, but given me opportunities of a life time! I was the 2015 YA representative to sit on the BBC Sport Wales Awards judging panel, I have held a number of sports events in my school and local community with Commonwealth athletes, also I had the opportunity to run the Sports Village alongside Sport Powys at the National Eisteddfod 2015. While being heavily involved in sport in my local authority I have gained 400+ hours of sports volunteering.


 Zaid Dudhniwala

Zaid Dudhniwala - Cardiff

I am a new addition to the steering group and I hope to bring more ideas to the future. I am also an active Gold Young Ambassador and volunteer at many events and clubs, such as the Cardiff Half Marathon. Sport is my only hobby, as I compete in Football, Cricket, Basketball, Cross-country, Athletics and Badminton at school and club level. I have also been involved in the most recent Gold Young Ambassador Conference.