Welsh Baccalaureate KS4

This is the Key Stage 4 Welsh Baccalaureate Community Challenge for Young Ambassadors to complete.

The Young Ambassador programme aims to empower and inspire young people to become role models and leaders, developing their confidence and skills, in order to impact on the physical health and well-being of their school and community.

What they are already doing include: 

  • Increasing healthy lifestyles and participation in physical activity in their school.
  • promoting the positive values of sport and physical literacy in and by helping to provide opportunities
  • Working with other Ambassadors and help to guide Sports leaders in your school and community.
  • Advocating PE and school sport through being an ambassador and role-model
  • Being the young person's voice on PE and school sport in our schools and communities
  • Bringing the inspiration of major sporting events to schools and communities e.g. London 2012, Glasgow 2014, IRB World Cup 2015, Rio 2016
  • To get every child hooked on sport for life!

To find out more about this challnge, please see the Introduction to the Young Ambassadors Community Challenge.

Welsh Baccalaureate KS4 - Community Challenge

Guidance Notes for Practitioners

If you are a Young Ambassador and would like to download resources to support you with this challenge, please click here.