The Education Agenda

A key area of our work is to create opportunities for young people in Wales by developing skills, enjoyment and confidence.

There are a number of things which we, and our partners, can do to ensure that every child is hooked on sport for life:

  • Develop children's skills through a multi-skills approach, for a life in sport
  • Work closely with the education sector to ensure head teachers and governors value the importance of PE
  • Promote the power of sport and its impact on the pupil: improved academic performance, determination, resilience, focus, concentration, commitment, team work, independent learner, self-confidence, leadership skills and employability
  • Pupils having a say in how sport is structured and delivered in their schools
  • Provide fun and enjoyable PE to all pupils so as to inspire enthusiasm and motivation  to take part in, and beyond the school environment
  • Stepping up engagement with the FE & HE sector to boost sport's workforce and student opportunities
  • Enable young, talented pupils to reach their full potential by signposting them to appropriate opportunities and avenues for further support
  • Schools to prioritise clear communication and promotion on links with local clubs and leisure centres.

How will we know when we have been successful?

  • Highly motivated and skilled children
  • Delivery of 2 hours of high quality PE to every young person each week
  • A broad range of opportunities at school to enable young people to take part in 3 hours of school and/or community Sport
  • Physical literacy awarded the same status as literacy and numeracy
  • Development of competencies to measure the quality of PE offered
  • More schools opening up their facilities after hours to allow for greater community usage - by clubs and the general public
  • Increase in the number of school, FE and HE links in the delivery of sport
  • Every teacher trained to deliver high quality PE