In The Zone

In the Zone - Primary Schools

Since the launch of 'In The Zone' in April 2005,  primary schools across Wales have benefited from support and training designed to enable them to better utilise their playground.

Between Autumn 2008 - Autumn 2009, over 700 members of staff from schools have attended 'In The Zone' training courses.

Feedback identified that 'In The Zone' has been particularly beneficial to schools whose yards are small and uninspiring.

One such school has adopted the scheme wholeheartedly. The school had issues with one sport dominating the yard and with a high number of accidents and injuries during playtimes. Since introducing 'In The Zone' the daily total for accidents has decreased from between 15 and 20 per day to just one or two.

The head attributes this to the improved structure of the yard and the greater variety of activities available to the children.

The school has also introduced a rota for big team games such as football, which have a tendency to dominate the yard and intimidate younger pupils.

The school has created a 'Team Zone' where pupils can play different games on allocated days. The school also enforces a 'no football' day that encourages pupils to try different games in different zones.

Staff and supervisors have seen a noticeable difference in pupil behaviour during playtime and in lessons with concentration levels also improving in afternoon lessons.

In The Zone 1 Case Studies

Willowbrook (Cardiff)



In The Zone 2 - Secondary Schools

The popularity of 'In the Zone' prompted demand for better utilisation of school grounds in order to promote physical activity during the lunchtime break.

With reference to 5x60, officers are working with secondary schools to increase physical activity provision. Where children access the school bus service, the lunch time provides an ideal opportunity to engage in activity.

The project has two main elements:

  • A workshop designed for a member of senior management team and the 5x60 officer. The workshop will explore how this work cuts across a range of school agendas, development through the whole school, planning for development, getting started and examples from schools across the country.
  • There will be a leadership module that will address leadership on the playground. The module should ideally be built into Sports Leaders and will explore the role of the playground leader including, the use of equipment lending schemes, working as a team, engaging the disengaged, keeping the playground alive. Resource cards will accompany this module.

Schools are to apply through their 5x60 line manager. Please see the Events Calendar for course dates.