Dragon Multi-Skills & Sport

What is Dragon Multi-Skills & Sport? Dragon MSS image

At Sport Wales our ambition is to get every child hooked on sport for life. To achieve this it is essential that every child has the opportunity to develop their physical skills.

Dragon Multi-Skills & Sport is the next step on the sporting skills ladder afterPlay to Learn (3-7years). It is aimed at children in the primary phase aged 7-11 years. The ethos of the multi-skills approach is for young people to develop key physical skills that are applicable to and transferable across a range of different sports.

What types of activities are involved?

Dragon Multi-skills addresses the development of fundamental movement skills - agility, balance and coordination - the ABC's. Every child develops at their own pace, so sessions are tailored to meet the young persons needs and activities are designed to support their physical development in a progressive way.

Following on from the Dragon Multi-skills approach is Dragon Sport. As a child's fundamental skills develop they will be introduced to more sport specific activities including:

1. Athletics Multi-Skills Resource Cards
2. Cricket
3. Football
4. Golf
5. Hockey
6. Netball
7. Rugby
8. Tennis

How can I get involved?

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Resources and training have been designed to encourage parents, teachers, coaches and volunteers to get involved. All resources can be found on our online shop - www.sportwales.org.uk/shop. Multi-Skills Equipment Bag

For further information on how to get involved in Dragon Multi-Skills & Sportplease contact your local Sports Development Team.