Strong enterprising clubs

We want to see thriving clubs across Wales, where sporting opportunities are developed through good enterprise and innovation.

There are a number of things which we, and our partners, can do to ensure that strong thriving clubs are developed:

  • Supporting clubs to broaden their membership base and sporting offer
  • Encouraging clubs to amalgamate where appropriate
  • Where appropriate, encouraging multiple teams ideally with adult and junior sections
  • Sports coming together to support the development of multi-sport clubs;
  • Prioritising the recruitment, retention and support of volunteers;
  • Creating an environment that welcomes a diverse membership;
  • Encouraging and embracing technology as a means of recruiting and retaining membership;
  • NGBs and LAs jointly supporting club growth

 How will we know when we have been successful?

  • Increase in the number of multi-sport clubs
  • Increase in the number of junior sections
  • Increase in the number of recreational and informal leagues
  • Increase in the number of participants living in poverty and from amongst hard to reach groups
  • Leisure facilities increasing the number of local clubs they support and use their facilities