Give to Gain


It's vital we look after the people who make sport happen.

Thousands of people up and down our wonderful nation play their part by giving up their free time to coach, wash kit, manage teams, chair committees and to do all the other jobs required in a busy club. And why? So that others have the chance to play sport.

After recommendations from the Sport Wales Advisory Group (SWAG), and with the help of the sport sector, we have developed a set of principles setting out how we can all support people to play a part in volunteering. They are what we call our Give to Gain principles:

1. Volunteers know exactly what is expected of them

2. Volunteers are valued, developed and supported

3. The mutual benefits of volunteering are clear to everyone

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These sound pretty obvious, but we know not every volunteer has this experience.

We want all organisations, clubs and partners to adopt these principles and highlight the importance of bringing them to life in all our work.

What can you do?

If we can bring the principles to life in every sports club in Wales then, when we ask 'Every Person to play their part' and give their time to volunteer in sport, hopefully it will be clear what they will gain in return.