Local Authorities

We work with each of the 22 Local authorites (LAs) in Wales and have formed Partnership Agrements (LAPAs) with each LA.

Responding to regional differences

Our decentralised approach to delivery and development allows us to respond to regional differences and deliver national programmes such as Dragon Sport and Community Chest as well as projects that allow LAs to address their own local needs.

Want to find out more?

To find out more about our partnership work with LA's, contact your regional office.

To find out more about the sports opportunity a bit closer to home, visit your local sport development departments website.

How we invest in our partners and how we measure performance

We invest in our partners to deliver community sport and coaching and volunteering opportunities in local authorities across Wales. To ensure value for money we measure partners performance against a number of key business outcomes.

Please find a copy of our Investment Principles here.

And details of the funding provided to local authorities.