Sian Davies

Currently a member of Mencap Cymru's senior management team, Sian is an experienced third sector leader. A graduate of Cardiff University, Sian has also held positions in Public Affairs and Public Relations in addition to a period teaching English in South America.

It is through her work at Mencap Cymru that Sian has developed an understanding of inclusion and the covert barriers that continue to prevent meaningful integration. It is also through this work that Sian has learnt to appreciate the potential sport has to challenge external perceptions and raise personal aspirations. It is this possibility, to equip those most marginalised from participation, that Sian is interested in addressing during her time on the Group.

In her spare time Sian enjoys running, exploring new places and reading.

"I am genuinely excited at the prospect of exploring how to make sport more accessible through my membership on this group. I know from personal experience that participation in sport is key to well-being and belonging.  It can be transformative; ultimately helping to create more cohesive and resilient communities."