Marco Arkesteijn

Participating in various sports from a young age has motivated Marco Arkesteijn to pursue a career path focusing on the role of exercise on an individual's health. A degree in Human Movement Sciences, followed by a PhD in Sport and Exercise Science provided the foundations to understand how humans move, and the impact this has on the whole body.

Marco Arkesteijn is currently a Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science at Aberystwyth University. As part of his teaching, he frequently incorporates modern wearable technologies that can help to inform and motivate an individual about his own health.  His research interests include the impact of exercise on muscle strength and coordination, in particular in older adults, but also in an athletic population.  Marco is a member of the Ageing Well in Wales Programme, specifically focusing on falls prevention in older adults.

In line with the Sport Wales ambition, he hopes to encourage everyone to enjoy being physically active and take part in sport. His own sporting activities consist of football and tennis. He enjoys walking and cycling, both as a daily commute and for leisure, exploring the beautiful scenery Wales has to offer.