Heather Brock

After finishing her degree in Metallurgy and Material Sciences at Nottingham University, Heather joined W H Smith as a Corporate
Graduate, before returning home to Cowbridge to join RS Bird Ltd, the family business.

Through the next 25 years Heather was responsible for identifying and implementing a number of significant changes within the
company, latterly developing its trading site and securing Waitrose as a tenant. This has freed up a significant portion of her time to devote to other interests.

Heather joined the Board of Welsh Rowing 4 years ago as Finance Director and was elected Chair in 2014. During this time she has become acquainted with Sport Wales and in particular its interaction with National Governing Bodies. She was also a member of the Commonwealth Games Wales Finance Committee during the last cycle and has just been re-elected.

Heather simply loves sport and having spent many years supporting her two now grown up sons and volunteering at their clubs, is very
keen to play a part in the future of sport in Wales.