Sport Wales Advisory Group

The Sport Wales Advisory Group is made up of leading figures from commerce, health, communications, education and leisure.

Seeking to provide an insight on future challenges facing the industry, the group will be tasked with ensuring the long term delivery of Sport Wales' vision for the sector.

The group is driven and accountable to Sport Wales, and aims to explore and research trends and participations in areas such as population, society and technology. Findings will seek to benefit the whole sector, providing insight and guidance for improved delivery against a backdrop of continued reductions in resources.

The Group

There are 13 members of the group, and as Sport Wales Chair Professor Laura McAllister explains:

"We have purposefully chosen each group member based on their skills, interests, proven ability as strategic thinkers and openness to learn from others and different sectors".

So let's meet the group:

Acting Today for an Active Tomorrow

In November 2014, the Group published Acting Today for an Active Tomorrow. Produced in partnership with trend forecasters Future Foundation and nine partners drawn from education, sport and health, the report sets out key future trends which sport can anticipate to remain relevant, available and attractive to everyone in Welsh society.

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